About us

Lawyers Voice is a premier organization registered under the Societies Registration Act with an aim to promote the interests of the legal fraternity and work for the betterment, professional development and helping the legal professionals across India. Lawyers voice had been established in the year …………. With the efforts of Advocate Neeraj and Mr. Ajay Digpaul and since then it has been working tirelessly for the welfare of lawyers in India. Lawyers Voice holds seminars/discussions and short term workshops for the development of the lawyers and helping them grow in their respective specialization.

The aims and objects for which LAWYERS VOICE are as follows:-
(i) To promote and maintain the welfare of the members of LAWYERS VOICE & the weaker sections of the society.

(ii) To promote the prestige and image of LAWYERS VOICE and its members amongst the society and the advocates.

(iii) To promote and protect the legal profession, social justice, public interest and its members and to promote co-operation amongst the members of LAWYERS VOICE, Lawyers and other groups of the lawyers & weaker sections of the society.

(iv) To organize Seminars, Debates, Social-Get-together, Talks, Sports and Cultural Events. To express opinions on proposed legislation, to legally agitate against unconstitutional legislation, to make representations, to promote, organize and participate in All India and International Lawyers Welfare Schemes and Activities connected therewith.

(v) To organize camps, to make and show Tele films /Serials/Documentaries etc. on legal/ social matters and also to publish literature and thoughts relating to Legal and Social Justice.

(vi) To promote Legal services across the country.

(vii) To enhance awareness of the people towards Environment and Pollution and to organize plantation and other pollution control campaigns. LAWYERS VOICE will perform social activities in public interest like seminars, drawing competitions, essay competition etc. in respect of social problems.

(viii) To promote educational institutional trusts etc., relating to Social & Legal education for the poor & weaker sections of the society and to help & arrange financial assistance for that purpose.

(ix) To provide legal & financial aid to the members of LAWYERS VOICE, the public and economically weaker section of the society.

(x) To establish, form and maintain a Housing Complex, Office Complex, Club and Library etc. for the members of LAWYERS VOICE, and to Create/form & register a Group Housing Society for the said purposes, if need be.

(xi) To make representations from time to time to the authorities concerned for social welfare relating to social justice, for matters affecting child, women and public interests, and for matters affecting the members of LAWYERS VOICE and the Lawyers in general.

(xii) To adopt all such measures as might to necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the aforesaid objects.