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Membership of “THE VOICE” shall be open to all the LAWYERS enrolled as member with any Bar Council in India & abroad who are interested in the Aims and objects of THE VOICE. Those persons who have attained the age of 23 years irrespective of their state, colour or creed can become member subject to the approval of Governing Body. THE VOICE shall have the following types of membership.

(a) ORDINARY MEMBERS :- Such Lawyers as are admitted by the Governing Body shall be ordinary members of LAWYERS VOICE and that be entitled to voting right in duration of their membership. Membership fee will be Rs. 2000/- per annum apart from the fixed registration fee of Rs. 1000/- to be paid at the time of registration of membership.

(b) PATRON MEMBERS: The Governing Body may invite any eminent Jurist/Lawyer of the World to be the patron of LAWYERS VOICE

(c) INVITEE MEMBERS: The Governing Body may invite any eminent Person of the society to be the invitee member of LAWYERS VOICE

(d) LIFE MEMBEERS: Members of the First Governing Body shall be members of LAWYERS VOICE for life.

The Membership of THE VOICE shall come to an end on the following grounds:-
(a) In case of resignation.
(b) On death.
(c) On conviction for criminal offenses involving moral turpitude.
(d) On violation of Rules and Regulations of THE VOICE.
(e) On Non-Payment of subscription for continuous 3 months.
(f) At any time, for any other reason which the Governing Body with majority, in the interest and welfare of THE VOICE, thinks fit and proper.